Boomer Town

Our protagonist is a little older than in the previous album, I GOT PLANS. Now he’s married with children, and concerned about the quality of bacon he’s bringing home.

To him it seems like “The Big Man’s got da money” and the best he can do is “maintain the status quo.” Other standouts are cut 8 (“That Smile”), 9 (“Where Are They Now?” and 10 (“The Lady’s With Me”). Click on the album cover photo (left) to purchase.


RolandThe style? Something between the two Johns: “Doctor” and Elton, I guess, with an affectionate nod to Bob Seger (he got us dancing in Ann Arbor circa 1967).  🙂

Lyrics available here

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4 Responses to Boomer Town

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  2. Big Fan! says:

    My 13-year-old son found “Bored of Education” on iTunes and promptly announced it was his new favorite song. I liked the song’s witty bravado, but assumed the artist was a rawboned young rebel with one good song in him. Wrong!

    BOOMERTOWN is a banquet of delicious sounds and sentiments too rich to waste on the fickle young; it’s a lucky find you’ll enjoy sharing with your friends. If I were to improve anything, I’d place “Where Are They Now” first in the line-up. Somehow it encapsulates what the entire album is about.

  3. Bill Haxton says:

    Memorable lyrics, and laced with humor!

    It’s wonderful! I love the subtle allusions to a variety of genre–R &B, rap, jazz, country,broadway–but even so the album never departs the basic rock and roll structure. Better, it captures the sense of lost opportunity and dispossession many of us post-war boomers feel. This is especially true in the first half of the album leading up to No Way Back, which pretty thoroughly nails boomer angst.

    Lyrics are great and laced with humor. So many memorable turns of phrase and perfectly conjoined with the music.

    I’m blown away.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Boomertown is awesome! Good mix of music styles…rock, blues, sentimentality, and made for us old rock and rollers! “Where are they now” is great – something we can all stop and think about as we reminisce!

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