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I Sing Walt Whitman!

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Night Crossing



lyrics by John Slade / music by Kirk Ferraioli and John Slade

Lonely night, but not for me
Stars shine bright on my black and white TV
There’s a world full of high adventure
And places that I long to go

On The Late Show

Life’s confusing, feels like a losin’ game
But in the movies the formula remains the same
Every problem finds the right solution
You hear violins when passions flow

On The Late Show…see it on The Late Show

Hot buttered popcorn, made some
Hot buttered rum, watching
Hot-blooded heroes change the world

Happy ending, should be satisfied
Still I’m sitting thumbing through my TV Guide
The stars are gonna shine this evening
They’re reachin’ out to touch my soul

On The Late Show … see it on The Late Show


lyrics by John Slade / music by Kirk Ferraioli

Driftin’, driftin’ away to sea
Trouble and worry driftin’ away from me
People calling me come into shore
People calling, I don’t hear ‘em no more

Oooo, driftin’ away…

I need the time driftin’ alone at sea
To feel the sun shining all over me
I heard this morning there’s a storm out there
I heard the warning, but I just don’t care

Oooo, driftin’ away…Lazy day…


lyrics and music by John Slade

Captain Quinn, thought you ought to know
A madman took the wheel,
There’s mutiny below
No, I’m not afraid of dying,
Only tryin’ to understand
The man in command of the Dandy Jim:
Mr. Quinn

Captain Quinn, put your bottle down
The morning sky is burning, we’re many days from solid ground
With all due respect, sir,
There’s a devil at the bottom of a fifth of gin
Me and the crew depend on you, Mr. Quinn

It’s your clipper ship, but this is my life
I told my wife and family this ship would come in
Take hold, man, you losin’ control, man,
You know you can take it, on the chin

Captain Quinn, you got to take a stand
Captain Quinn, you got to be your own man
When the ship is overturning,
It’s too late to learn maybe how to swim
Are you still in command of the Dandy Jim,
Mr. Quinn?


lyrics and music by John Slade

Last night I woke up head all awhirl
I had a dream about the ending of the world
My sheets were soakin’, I tried to catch my breath
Thought of the children, it scared me half to death

Turned on the nightlight, tried to read the news
There’s preachers prophesying
‘bout Mohammadans & Jews
Turned to the Bible, maybe I’m naïve
Somewhere it is written that you get what you believe

Armageddon:  People say that’s where we’re headin’
Armageddon:  Pass it on your way to heaven

Peace-loving Jesus is obsolete
They built an atom bomb and laid it at his feet
And now Jehovah, he wants one, too
And so does Allah, Brahma and Vishnu

My mama told me this world will end
The sky will open and the wrath of God descend
I told my mama, God is my friend
I don’t know the wrath of God,
I know the wrath of men

Armageddon:  People say that’s where we’re headin’
Armageddon:  Pass it on your way to heaven

People will tell you people will progress
God and Evolution will raise our consciousness
But people learn the hard way; people face the brink
God loved the dodo bird that people made extinct

People love the dollar and people pass the buck
People run for cover when they run out of luck
So Jesus show us mercy, Jesus show us style
How to hold our heads up
When we walk the final mile to…

Armageddon:  People say that’s where we’re headin’
Armageddon:  Pass it on your way to heaven


lyrics and music by John Slade

There lived an old bald eagle near the town where I was born
Grew up on a farm and lived on chicken feed and corn
And when the wind was howling that old barn was safe and warm
And from a twisted tree, she’d watch the river Miami flow

Seven days from where the rapids run
To where Erie lay sleeping in the sun

Born and raised where cattle grazed and comfort was assured
Until the day the locals say a wondrous thing occurred
A mighty storm awoke some ancient longing in the bird
Above the weather vane, and through the crazy rain she flew

Seven days from where the rapids run
To where Erie lay churning in the sun

How I loved the story of that restless eagle’s journey
Back in the days when I was young
Funny thing, but in my dreams she crossed the mighty Erie
When Erie lay gleaming in the sun

Just last July my boy and I we took that river ride
Two local youths with 22’s stood on the river side
And no one knows, but I’m with those who say she’s still alive
Somewhere north of here, where the water’s clear

Seven days from where the rapids run
High above Erie, heading for the sun


lyrics and music by John Slade

Once I was an atom, then I was a cell
Could be it all was random, no one can really tell
From the bottom of the food chain,
You know how low that is
As low as you can go and somehow live

All the chaos and commotion keep on rolling through my brain, but I’m sane
I’m onboard the train

Thank God for evolution: God’s intimate design
Thank God there’s a solution for my monkey mind

And if my lips were burning in the inner dis of hell
God goes on providing water from the well
For life in evolution

Some people say God never talked to us at all
Some say that he used to but quit after Saint Paul
Thank God for geology, the evidence is strong
God’s been talking clearly all along

And her geologic fingerprints
Are mighty works of art
Don’t lose heart:  You are a part

And it’s big enough for Islam, and Christianity
Inclusively directed toward increased complexity

Thank God that our Creator is greater than we thought
God goes on creating whether we evolve or not

We are life in evolution
Thank God for evolution


lyrics and music by John Slade

I wonder what she sees in me, beneath the joking and the shame
When she tells me I’m the one her voice is softer than the rain
And when she’s whispering in my ear
One word stands out clear:


We lie beneath a naked moon, a dancer locked inside the world’s embrace
And we have watched a trillion stars go rushing madly into space
I’ve fallen through her eyes, helpless to refuse
Control was never mine to lose, and she says, Intimacy
See into me, see into me, into me see…

She knows exactly how she feels today
She asks me if I feel the same
I look inside and don’t know what to say
Does every feeling have a name?

She’s standing in a mountain stream, silver minnows hover by
Her eyes are closed as in a dream, her palms uplifted to the sky
And I thank God inside for someone to adore
I found something I’d been searching for…


lyrics John Slade / Échanges by Alexandre Tansman

God on the outside, endlessly spacious
Ageless, audacious, fecund and wild, I am
Laid low and humbled, awed by the Splendor
Let me remember: I am the Universe’s child

God on the inside, and in all places
Forever gracious, love without end
Witness inside me, see all that I see
Silently guide me
Your love includes me and transcends

God is the love that never ends




 I Got Plans


I Got Plans


lyrics and music by John Slade

It’s after midnight, and I’m lonely, prowlin’ like a tom
Gilda’s light is on, I say hey, Gilda’s okay, I’ll talk to Gilda
I bet she’s up & watching TV; or what if I discover
She’s with a lover? Oh-oh, that would be just terrible of me
But hey, Gilda, I don’t mean to be rude
Hey, look out, papa’s in the mood
I need to laugh, feel better, look for a change in the weather
and talk to Gilda

Gilda, let’s talk the way we used to do
‘Cause I been missing how you laugh and how you listen to me
So wonderfully. Gilda, I’m standing in the cold wet air
Baby, come make me warm up there, honeybear, I’m soakin’
Is the doorbell broken, or hey, Gilda, can you hear me up there?
Hey, look out, I’m climbing to the top of the stairs
I need to laugh, feel better,
Look for a change in the weather
and talk to Gilda

 Hello, is Gilda there?
Oh, no kidding, is she still in the neighborhood, or…?
I see. Listen if you run into her would you please tell her I came by?


lyrics and music by Robin Welch with John Slade

I remember late one Saturday night, a fruit jar in my hand
My head spinning like a Maytag washer, I was countin’ up from 1 to 10
I can think of 5 reasons for staying here, and 5 to go away
But the floor was comin’ up so fast that I guessed I had to stay
I never sit still long enough | to figure the whole thing out
And I never get drunk enough to get it, cuz I always pass out

Well, the weather’s so depressing, seems like the sky won’t ever clear
It’s a long way to my girlfriend’s house, think I’ll take along a case of beer
She’ll pick me up by the payphone. She’s ugly as a toad,
But she always seems to find me when I’m passed out on the road
I really need her loving. Of that I have no doubt,
But I never get drunk enough to get it cuz I always pass out

Well, I crashed on through then kitchen door and I fell out in the yard
I lost my money and my common sense in an all-night game of cards
My refrigerator’s empty … I need some alcohol
To give me back my self respect, and give me the strength to crawl
My lady loves me when I’m down, of that I have no doubt
But I never get drunk enough, cuz I always pass out on the sofa
And stumble to the bedroom
Wonderin’ where I’m coming from and what was said to whom
I’m just about to get it all figured out, then I…I pass out…


lyrics and music by John Slade

You are the cutest thing that God has yet conceived
You got that crazy way of nibblin’ on your sleeve
Don’t get your feelings hurt I don’t ask you to dance
You’re an Aries and I think you’d try to lead

I got plans that don’t include a hard headed girl
Let me make it up to you
Sooner or later I would offer you the world
I am just another fool in love with you 😐

We step around the drunks along the Baltimore walkway
And as I walk you home you don’t have much to say
You work the Silence like a sculptor works the clay
And that’s how I know you’ll always get your way

I’ve got plans that don’t include a hard headed girl
You are like a thunderstorm
Your eyes are cold and grey but oh, your lips are warm
You’re a tiger-child inside a maidenform

I feel the hand of fate | Why do I hesitate?
I want to take you for a ride

Soon you will tell me that my bachelor days are gone
And you would rather I not party all night long
Don’t need to hear that, and I sure don’t need a wife
You’re just here to save my life and then move on

‘Cause I got plans… (I know where we’re heading to…)


lyrics and music by Darrell Vance

I think I’m feeling sad. The night is cold an black.
I know what you’re about, and I should be falling out,
but I’m never looking back
The clouds are rolling in. It doesn’t feel all right.
I sit alone in the darkness of home and I think I need you tonight,
I think I need you tonight

I want to touch your lips and cure my disease
On a high hilltop where the moonlight never stops, faces to the breeze
Lead me from the black. I want to feel you light brighten this hole,
the darkness of my soul
And I think I need you tonight, I think I need you tonight

I see you through the rain, through windows of your soul
I’m trying to approach you, but my doubt it takes control
I’m wasted in these shadows, my heart it needs a home
Why can’t I tell you: I don’t want to be alone?

My solace is the stars, the only happy sight
Shine on me, and be my company
‘Cause I think I need you tonight, I think I need you tonight.


lyrics and music by John Slade

Sorry, boys, I can’t be with you tonight
I got a woman and I treat her right
Take me home, if you will
I live away from the freeway, the other side of Dead Man’s Hill
That’s my little split-level with the private garage
I sold the Chevy, got a second-hand Dodge
Proud and heavy • 1963
She was built for the long haul — that’s all that matters to me

Live fast, die young, and get a whole lot of love along the way
I know we used to say that way back when
The past sure was fun; I’d live it all over again
But I want to live until my Natural End

You can eat black beauties til you sizzle your brain
Drink hard whiskey standing out in the rain
Shovel a spoon, howl at the moon,
Sleep in Mondays ‘til the late afternoon
But better take me home, if you will
I live away from the freeway, the other side of Dead Man’s Hill


lyrics and music by John Slade

Full of beans, in our teens, headin’ out to California
Starry-eyed and confident and sizing up the town
People loved to tell us Hollywood would buy and sell us
We just figured they were jealous, so it never brought us down

You make some friends, and they’ve got friends,
and soon you’re not a stranger
You work for tips and any introductions you can score
Some folks remain, to love you & sustain you, ah but
Some who shall be nameless, my love kicked out the door

My love, she don’t need her gloomy friends no more
They chase you round the room and talk about their gloomy case of worries
Greet you with a smile, they’ve had practice, they’ve got style
They don’t want to see you make it: misery needs company
My love sings a different tune and I sing harmony

Playful Paul the clown hung around our house forever
Flattering our vanity with hideous good cheer
Cryin’ and confessin’ that he finally learned his lesson
But my love won’t giver her blessing to no one who’s insincere

Lucky Lennie wants to be an actor, thinks I’m his benefactor
He’ll take your last dollar if you haven’t any cents
He’s no quitter, he ain’t bitter, but a man can’t help compainin’
When the rain just keeps on rainin’ down on his side of the fence
But my love…


lyrics and music by John Slade

Downtown in the city I’m just another face
But when I’m home I’m sittin’ pretty in a more congenial place
I got a house in Pasadena far away from the crowd
And when the weekend comes we’ll have our fun
we’ll turn the music up loud
Come on over Saturday I cook my chili with soul
You’re gonna like that old upright suburbia rock and roll
We got little old ladies drivin’ custom Mercedes
clappin’ hands to the music we do
Party time 209 Michigan Avenue

I got some kin in Michigan there’s a whole lot of people I love
Ran into a friend I knew from the University of (I told him …)
We got ’em rockin’ in Pasadena I made some wonderful friends
And the sunshine’s warm in California on Avenue Michigan
Come on over it’s time to move we’re on some kind of roll
Some people like that old up right suburbia rock and roll
In case you forgot how to reach this spot you take the 134 on through
Easy to find 209 Michigan Avenue


lyrics and music by Frederick Coffin

No road ahead or behind. I got no job and there’s none to find.
Ultimatums written on the wall. I remember walking tall,
Now the world’s spinnin’ round in my mind.
‘Cause it’s an aggravated uphill climb.

Walking down a crowded street.
No place to go, no appointments to keep.
I watch the news when the day is done.
I check the lottery to see if I’ve won.
Justice can be suddenly blind. ‘Cause it’s an aggravated uphill climb.

Aggravated uphill climb:
Got no money to play my bills, no satisfaction I find.
Make a livin’, earn what I’m givin’ for me and mine,
me and mine
‘Cause it’s an aggravated uphill climb.
(accordian solo…)
When the odds outweigh the dues, you’re just a gambler born to lose;
Stayin’ even’s getting harder all the time… Aggravated uphill climb…


lyrics and music by John Slade

Are you still Mrs. Alice Smith? Do you like it when we kiss?
And if ignorance is bliss, I’m a guru
Shall I open you car door? Do you like it anymore?
Do I treat you like a whore or is that what you do?
You say to talk it over, but we don’t talk any more
Can’t do much talkin’ through the bedroom door

What you doin’, Alice? I can’t hear you.

I know the male consciousness left the world such a mess
And my ego I confess is rather large.
But you know I’m on your side working through this thing called Pride,
I just want to know who died and left you in charge.
It’s getting harder to be your loving man.
Seems like the more I listen, the less I understand.
What you doin’, Alice? Don’t assume, Alice…
(I can’t hear you, I can’t hear…)

You took a chance and kissed a toad
That you found hopping down the road
You were in Fairy Princess mode, but now you’re not
I heard you say you don’t love me, I got to class, no pedigree
But honey, I don’t think you see what you’ve got.
We ought to talk it over, why don’t you teach your old dog new tricks
I’ll be your good dog Rover if you’ll be my bitch
What you doin’, Alice?
To the moon, Alice. One of these days…
(I can’t hear you, I can’t hear …)


lyrics and music by John Slade with Robin Welch

There is a canyon deep and wide
You see her standing on the other side
Men have fallen, men have died
Hoping to cross the great divide

Her lips are moving, you hear her call
Her words are soothing — is it worth the fall?
She says she loves you. Maybe she lied:
She stands across the great divide

Travel on, she is a great pretender
Still you want her, and her kiss is warm & tender
You can’t decide: is it cowardice or pride?
And does she know the power of surrender?

In those romances she loves to read
The girl who dances never takes the lead
Her smile invites you: “Come to my side”
She tells you love will be your guide across the Great Divide


lyrics and music by Bob Dylan
1979 Special Rider Music

You may be an ambassador to England or France,
You may like to gamble, you might like to dance,
You may be the heavyweight champion of the world,
You may be a socialite with a long string of pearls
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re gonna have to serve somebody,
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody.

You might be a rock ‘n’ roll addict prancing on the stage,
You might have drugs at your command, women in a cage,
You may be a business man or some high degree thief,
They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody…

You may be a preacher with your spiritual pride,
You may be a city councilman taking bribes on the side,
You might own guns and you might even own tanks,
You might be somebody’s landlord, you might even own banks
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody…

Might like to wear cotton, might like to wear silk,
Might like to drink whiskey, might like to drink milk,
You might like to eat caviar, you might like to eat bread,
You may be sleeping on the floor, sleeping in a king-sized bed
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody…




Boomer Town

Boomer Town


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

The Big Man got the money / ain’t no money left for me
Big Man got the money / came and shook my money tree
I need money for the doctor, money for the phone
Money ‘fore the landlord kick me outa house and home
Big Man got the money / ain’t no money left for me

Big Man got the ladies / got the ladies hypnotized
Big Man got the ladies / How does he keep them satisfied?
I brought her sweet potatoes / pretty little suckling pig
Asked her, “Who’s your daddy now? She said, “Mr. Big.”
Big Man got the ladies / and that hurts inside
(a man’s got his pride)

I need oil for the burner / keep my baby warm at night
I need oil for the pick-up / oil for my hair
Oil on my body / put that oil everywhere
Big Man has the oil can / my baby’s feet are cold as ice

Please, Mr. Big Man, set my baby free
She loves your dollar bills more than she loves me
Hot tubs, oil rubs with the Royal Family
Little man he understand the Big Man’s policy:
The Big Man got the money / ain’t no money left for me

Spoken: Listen to the Big Man / God’s an American
What’s left, what’s right, don’t fuss, don’t fight
Sentimental soundbites seepin’ out the TV
Opiate the people with that old religiosity
So good night – outa mind’s outa sight
Listen to the Big Man


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

Baby, let me make love to ya.
Let me make love to ya.
The kid’s at the movies, take the phone off the cradle, my dear.
Slide over here.
I been workin’ so hard.

I been workin’ out in our back yard
Dug up an onion and an old dog bone
Then I remembered: we’re all alone
I don’t want to talk about the bills we pay
I don’t want to talk about the P.T.A.
Just want to make love. Luv 2 ya

First I’m gonna kiss your fingers
Then I’m gonna kiss your toes
May I remove your, inhibitions, honey…
Along with all your clothes?
Put on that pretty thing all silk and lace
Let’s get heart to heart, face to face, my love
Luv 2 ya

I’m lookin’ for fun, we’re lookin’ for free
I’m looking at you, you’re lookin’ at me
And it’s lookin’ like I’m gonna make love to ya
And you make love to me.
I got the time if you got the notion.
Is your dance card free? Let me see.
We let too many moments slip away
But you get more beautiful each passing day, My love.
Luv 2 ya


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

I hit the road before the sun comes up
Drink my coffee from a thermos cup, play my radio
Loud and clear. I like the way them songs of yesteryear
Stay the same. I like to maintain the status quo

Life is good makin’ a buck
Lookin’ out the windshield of a cement truck,
Me and my partner Old Uncle Bob
Can’t stand each other but we’re good on the job
Can’t complain
We just maintain the Status Quo

Don’t need a school education
To pour a parking lot
Keep ahead of inflation, these days
That’s an art

Got a pretty woman named
Jane Asleep in bed
She gets ideas running through her pretty head,
She wants maid service
Big old car
It’s hard enough keepin’ things just the way they are,
But I love Jane
So I maintain the status quo

I built the whole foundation
Of our new super mart
I take a 2-week vacation
Somewhere good for the heart

Got a couple kids. Three, I think.
I see their leavings all around the kitchen sink
Then Janie says, “I want two more.”
I guess that’s what she calls her sense of humor
It’s a game where you maintain the Status Quo
Can’t complain, you just maintain the Status Quo
Me and Jane, we maintain
The Status Quo


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

Enough. What’s enough? Are you content?
You got retirement loomin’
You got the baby boom fumin’ ‘bout do they have enough?
About times are tough.
About “You got how much stuff, and you’re how old?
Well, that’s not nearly enough.”
You hide under a bridge like 3 billygoats gruff.
Jesus saved your soul, but did you save enough?

“Oh, this is your house. It’s very nice.
It’s kind of old, isn’t it.
Kind of run down, kind of not the best in town.
But it’s lucky you have one, sir.”

So it’s enough.

But there’s a hole in your guts:
You comparison show, you inventory your stuff:
You got the fuzzy pets, you got the TV sets,
Fast food, urban blues, tennis shoes, clubhouse dues,
You’ve got the fair and balanced news.
And you know you’re free to choose,
But people are talking to you, very enthused, saying:

“Up in the hills with the daffodils
There’s a treasure to be found.
Stumble bums with low incomes (are) puttin’ on a crown.
The warm wind blows and the water flows
Down the Big Rock Candy Mound
As all God’s blessings trickle down.”

Cuz the president promised that we’d all have enough.
He’s got a plan for the little man when he goes bust:
He’ll turn your social security into private mistrust
There’s no security, nothin’s a surety except for the Lord,
And the president’s got him on board
So relax, man, spend your tax break
For your Country’s sake,
They can quote you every word God ever spake
Brother, they got it down,
The blessings abound,
They can be found on the east end of town
That’s where all God’s blessings trickle down

So I ask him quite often, “Where do I fit?”
I love my resentments, I freely admit.
I’m prayin’ for the grace not to let ‘em sit:
You forgive and you forgive,
And that’s where you live.
Lord, teach me to tame,
Or at least not to blame,
All the shame / name-callin’ / flag-wavin’
Cadillac-driving, emphatic, automatic static talk-show low-blowhards…

Would you please tell Rush to hush?
He ain’t livin’ his vision.
That can’t be what it means to say Jesus is risen.
You pray and you wait and you meditate,
You clean up your own state, you learn to appreciate,
You separate the church from the hate,
You don’t equivocate, you sinner,

And you clean up your life and clean up your bed,
Clean up your armpits, and you clean out your head
You clean out your lungs, and your two left feet
Clean up your tongue and your side of the street,
And you clean up your past and you clean up your stash
And you make up to your children and the teachers you sassed
And you clean up your conscience
Though it might take long
Jesus loves testing me to make me strong
I cleave unto the faith I’ve found
As all God’s blessings trickle down


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

I got kicked outta one school; I told ’em to shove it
I’m stupid, I’m lazy, and I’m proud of it
Why they bus me to your school I don’t have an answer
Opportunity Transfer don’t mean nothin’ to me cuz I’m bored,
Bored – Bored of education
What a shame – about the state of the nation
There’s really nothin’ you can do…

English and algebra / leave me confused
Why don’tcha teach me some skills I can actually use?
You say if you flunk me I’ll be stuck pumpin’ gas
But if I don’t pass / I’ll just be back in your class / and be bored
Bored - Bored of education
Next year • I’ll be here • Just in time for graduation
So you might as well pass me on through
Or I’ll be back again messin’ with you –

There’s really nothing you can do, I just don’t like school
I used to care about the world bein’ fair
I learned how share for all the good that it’s done me
I want money to burn that I don’t have to earn
And no lesson to learn on Monday
I’m bored, man, bored.
Bored of education
What a shame about the state of the nation
There’s nothin’ you can do, I just don’t like school


Lyrics and Music by John Slade

That voice is my addiction
She rumbles and she purrs
She knows I get woozy when I hear that voice of hers
But this time what she’s sayin’
Includes the word “farewell”
I’ve heard that word before
But this time I can tell
She means it. She’s sounding too serene
Too collected

I hang up the receiver
The phone goes ring-a-ling
She calls me up again to ask me one more thing
She says “Of course it’s over,
But since we’ll still be friends,
Do you want for me to tell you when I fall in love again?”

I say, “Have you?” She says, “I think so…
But I don’t want to tell you something
You don’t want to know.”

And I say, “Tell me. Make it real.
Tell me you want him
Say he’s your ideal, say he delights you
He’s your man
How it excites you Just to hold his hand
Go on and tell me…”

You say it was religious, sitting next to him
Gazing at a goldfish bowl and watchin’ suckers swim
And you like that certain shyness
When he finally made his move
His kiss was just A-minus
But you’re certain he’ll improve
Once you make love to him
I called too soon
I can call you back this time tomorrow afternoon

And you can tell me. Make it real
Tell me you love him
Just how does it feel when you’re together
With your man
Tell me I’ll never
Make love to you again
Go on and tell me
It’s the kindest thing to do
Tell me there’s No Way Back to You

It’s no good hanging on
If all my hope is gone, help me cut the lin
End this confusion. Shatter my last illusion
There’ll come a day when I will make you mine

Tell me. Make it real
Tell me you love him
Say he’s your ideal, say he delights you
He’s your man
How it excites you
Just to hold his hand
Go on and tell me
It’s the kindest thing to do:
Tell me there’s No Way Back to You


lyrics and music by John Slade

It’s a shame
The game we carry on
The heavy-handed quiet in the air
What should I care
If today you think maybe you can love me?
You loved me for a bit too long
And you can’t hang around
When something’s feeling wrong
Officially you’re saying it’s over
So long, friend
But I keep thinking over and over again

Nothing is over now, what do I do?
Nowhere is the place we got to
Nothing’s what it added up to
It’s not like me to go on standing still
I can’t love you right, somebody else will
Somebody will

Always is a lover’s fable
You’re not longer able to surprise me
You’re dancing with a bigger man
He’s bringing out the little girl in you
Still you’re separate now
But you’re not free
I’ll be the first to know
When you are over me
You see, when something is over
People move on
I tell myself over and over you’re gone
But you’re not gone

Nothing is over now, what do I do?
Nowhere is the place we got to
Nothing’s what it added up to
It’s not over until you let me go
We were something, baby, why can’t you say so?
Say it was so



lyrics and music by John Slade and Kasia Livingston

Baby I can do / without makin’ love to you
Get used to sleeping alone
Won’t do me any harm / not holdin’ you in my arms
Because I can hold my own
But if there’s anything I’m gonna miss
More than anything you say / more than your kiss

It’s your smile / you got that smile
That shines like a beacon on a hill
That smile / that smile
Ain’t shining for me now, but it’s shining still
Bright as a holiday / firewords on display
You got a way with that smile

I know in the big design / that you are no longer mine
You’re disinclined to be my wife
I heard the wedding bells / and I thought I’d wish you well
You’re gonna have a swell new life
He’s looking at you now with tenderness
And it’s not just the way you look / in your new dress

It’s your smile / you got that smile
That shines like a beacon on a hill
That smile / that smile
Ain’t shining for me now, but it’s shining still
You got a special way / to make a man want to stay
You got a way with that smile

Seems like a big old star sacrificed his light
So you could do it that way
But it’s your heart / that shines so bright
The perfect panacea

You got my idea of a smile
That shines like a beacon on a hill
That smile / that smile
Ain’t shining for me now, but it’s shining still
Some people have a way / knowing just what to say
But you got a way with that smile


lyrics and music by John Slade

The night America put boot prints on the moon
We passed a bottle up in Mickey’s room
Told each other that come hell or high noon
We would all be up there soon
Mickey was first to get there in his moon mobile
Scored a twenty-million-dollar deal
Went out to celebrate with his girl Lucille
And they died behind the wheel

Where are they now?
Those dear old friends of mine
Rivals and Valentines
I wish I knew
Maybe somehow
Our stories intertwine
And where they are I am too

I heard old Steve ain’t playing rock and roll no more
The kids were calling him a dinosaur
Billy’s still at war with North Vietnam
Got a dog named Uncle Sam
Sister Francesca shines her light on old B’way
She says she’s praying for us every day
And Betsy’s back in school chasin’ her degree
Want’s to join the bourgeoisie
Where are they now?

Think I’ll pick up that phone, call up some old friends
Find out how has life been treating them
Some people never change area code
But we all move down the road
Where are they now?


lyrics and music by John Slade

Lately, I got lucky
Found someone just my size
So wicked and so wise and so alive
I like to hold her hand
Bein’ a lady’s man.
Feelin’ that pride
It’s strange:
Somebody turning the golden key
Set the lion free
Said, “Hey, come and play with me.”

Now I’m with Laurie
So entirely
It’s a beautiful story
About being free
The Lady’s With Me

She’s a lady
She’s my lucky charm
I just like driving home
Talking on the phone along the way
I like her company
Sometimes we disagree
And it’s okay

I’ve changed
Into somebody I want to be
I want to be
The man she sees in me

Now I got Laurie
To have and to hold
Beautiful stories never grow old
They get told and retold
Forever unfolding
Now I’m with Laurie
And the Lady’s With Me


music and lyrics by John Slade

Baby will get bored. She will not be ignored.
Needs a little help relaxin’
I take the cue: say, How’bout me and you
 paint the town?
Let’s go down, find the action
I take my baby back in time
Jukebox costs a nickel, you get three songs for one dime
An’ once that room is reelin’, pretty soon I’m feelin’ like a
Younger man,
Younger man, with my old girl

Now she’s a party goer, a nine-oh-two-one-oher
She dances like a roto rooter
She bats an eye, and all the single guys’ll flash a grin
Cruisin’ in like barracuda,
That’s when she tells me, Let’s go home
These younger men like mixin’ whiskey and testosterone
So we just leave ‘em wishing; and pretty soon I’m kissin’ like a
Younger man,
Younger man, with my old girl

Younger man he will, fade with time
Older woman just come closer to her prime time
Lord you must be stronger stronger,
An’ last a whole lot longer than a
Younger man,
Younger man, with my old girl


lyrics and music by John Slade

In the Home for the Old Rock and Rollers
That’s where I want to be
We can still have our laughs
Look at old photographs
And play records until God sets us free

As the nights, they grow longer and colder
I’ll hold your hand by the fire
We’ll make love thru the night
And we’ll hold each other tight
And you’ll still be my heart’s one desire

And when my mind starts to wander
Forget the words to the song
We’ll sing Scooby do
And a be bop a lula
Ding dingy dong
All night long

And when my time in this world is all over
I’ll just lay my head down
And then after I’ve gone
I’ll be waiting further on
To help you to reach higher ground

In the Home for the Old Rock and Rollers
That’s where I want to be
We can still have our laughs
Look at old photographs
And play records until God sets us free


music and lyrics by John Slade

Had a dream about Steve McQueen.
He was sitting in the back of a limousine
He was going fast
The jester sang and the laughter rang
Tequila flowed and his blue eyes glowed in the glass
We were going so fast

No time to stop at the station
Moving like a man on a mission
Heading for a long vacation
I wondered if the man’s love system was up to the task
We were going fast

I saw him, he saw me
I thought I might keep him company
He just kind of laughed
A fire engine passed us by
It was painted black and I wondered why, but I did not ask
We were going fast

No time to stop at the station
Do without any little part that’s missing
Heading for a long vacation
Better hope that your love system is built to last
When you’re going fast

Lost a friend of mine years ago
Saw her hand in the window
She was waving me goodbye, but did I cry?
No. I made it. To today
Going fast

No time to stop at the station
It’s a piece of my heart that’s missing
Heading for a long vacation
Better check out my love system, and step on the gas
We’ll be going fast

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