I Sing Walt Whitman!

Global Music Award winner!

JS-I Sing Walt Whitman - RESIZED coverart 200x200 - 72dpi

Songs and chants by the bad-boy poet laureate of Breaking Bad and Dead Poets Society … Whitman’s optimistic, (r)evolutionary message for 21st century ears, hearts, and minds.

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18 Responses to I Sing Walt Whitman!

  1. “This is a mind-blowing album. I gasped, I laughed, I grooved to the rhythm in my Aeron chair. The thing I was not expecting… was the backing tracks and the background vocals, very groovacious. Kind of a cross between rap and spoken word.”
    — Lorraine Feather, Jazz Recording Artist (4-time Grammy® Nominee)

  2. “I was exposed to the wonderful poetry of the great Walt Whitman in the early 70s and found it very compelling. But when I heard John Slade’s I Sing Walt Whitman!, it came alive for me as never before! Truly joyful, uplifting and spiritually energizing! Walt Whitman was a New Age prophet, WAY ahead of his time; sharing profound spiritual truths with eloquence and grace, at once easily accessible and sublimely mysterious. John Slade and his wonderful musical magicians bring all of this alive in a magnificent way!

    How wonderful if young people could hear this as they read Walt’s words off of the page. The Hip Hop and Slam Poetry aspects are so much joyful fun as well! I can feel the great bard himself smiling now in approval. Bravo, John Slade! Highly recommended ! ! !”
    — Paul Avgerinos, 2016 Grammy® winner (Best New Age Album)

  3. John Slade has shared a uniquely creative tribute to this much loved poet, capturing his wit and wisdom with style, humor, and true artistry. I’m sure Mr. Whitman would be impressed!

  4. “…a magnificent endeavor, with one hell of a performer that can be as playful as he can be deep… A true work of art.”
    — Emilio D. Miler, Composer (2015 Latin Grammy® Award winner)

  5. “Oh my!!! Wonderful!!! Thank you, John. You’re giving us all something even beyond wonderful! You, and Walt, say it all haha!!!!”
    — Paul Buckmaster, Grammy® award-winning Arranger, Composer, Conductor

  6. Al Walser says:

    “OMG – i really LOVED your submission john. i like how you go in and out of rhythm, you literally dance as a word surfer on top of the beat! so smartly done john. “Mon enfant – I give you my hand…“ – haha …GREAT !!! Also loved “divine nimbus”– interesting jungle inspired beat you got going there. I know how much work goes into the production and then to see your baby shine the way it does, you must be proud of it! Congratulations !!!”
    — Al Walser, 2013 Grammy® Nominee / CEO and Founder, Cut the Bull Entertainment, Inc.

  7. Dwier Brown says:

    “I Sing Walt Whitman is an amazing listen! The melodies are both catchy and diverse, but it is the words and performance that make it profound and fun to listen to. I felt somehow transported by different eras (flavors of hip hop, Motown, techno, even Springsteen!) to feel the undercurrent of Whitman’s irrepressible, non-judgmental joie de vivre, as if his unbridled love for America and freedom (and us!) have been here all along, carrying us gently through the decades like a powerful river.

    I admit I didn’t know much about our great American poet when I began listening, but my skepticism gave way to a growing smile as I listened to track after track with a tickle in my heart until, at the end, I found myself searching for more information about this amazing man. Slade’s performance and progression present a Whitman who teases and titillates us to play with him and stop taking ourselves so seriously–Life is ours to be enjoyed!–a worthy and timeless message if ever I heard one. It made me want to sing my own Song of Myself…”
    — Dwier Brown, Actor (Field of Dreams)

  8. Terry Patten says:

    “I LOVE this CD. Sublime 19th Century poetry, and yet remarkably bold, hip, and immediate. Right away I listened to it thru twice, and will keep listening. Who knew that Walt was the original rap artist? Beautiful work, highly recommended!”
    — Terry Patten, Author, Teacher, (R)evolutionary

  9. Jeff Salzman says:

    “John’s performance is a true transmission of the spirit of one of our greatest American – and Integral – artists, Walt Whitman. Worthy of Grammy!”
    — Jeff Salzman, The Daily Evolver

  10. Kevin Lucas says:

    “It is one of the best spoken-word albums I have heard this year. It’s very deep and poetic, as well as dramatic. I really appreciate it! ‘O Captain My Captain’ almost made me cry it’s so beautiful! It’s just awesome…especially after the Robin Williams’ [death]. Dead Poets Society is my favorite movie…so your song really caught my attention. ‘Divine Numbus’ is very cool too! Love it!”
    — Kevin Lucas, Recording Artist

  11. “John…these are really beautiful songs. Your voice is perfect and you capture the essence of the poem in your melody. I am going to order copies for several of my friends! Thank you!”
    — Neil Richardson, Walt Whitman Integral

  12. “I’m so pleased to have been in the audience through so many manifestations of this project. Now—an exquisite album. A mystic tour. Ecstatic!”
    — Tree Bernstein, Ojai Quarterly

  13. Nancy Gross says:

    “Lovely. I always saw Bruce Springsteen’s music as poetry and saw him as the child of the beat poets, and the beat poets as the children of Whitman. This musical rendition of “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” confirms the heart of my sense of these things.”
    — Nancy Gross, The Ojai Bubble

  14. “Sounds great, John! Again, loved your album. Very innovative. You nailed the spoken parts (demonstrating your excellent acting abilities). Top notch.”
    — Kathy Sanborn, Recording Artist

  15. “Such an interesting concept. I’ve never heard anything like it before. I love it!! Nice to put music and a beat with the wonderful words of Whitman.”
    — Kenny Lavender, Recording Artist

  16. Kerry Gogan says:

    “I have spent the latter part of today enjoying a very modern spin on Walt Whitman, a stalwart of our educational life thread. Listening to Whitman being rapped by John Slade is certainly a revolutionary way to teach his profound lessons. TRULY a great, great interpretation of one of the literary Masters. Do, if you can, check out this wonderful production. Mesmerizing. LOVE IT!“
    — Kerry Gogan, Entertainment & Media Strategist, Fathead Records

  17. A Cesena (Italy) abbiamo istituito un premio biennale in onore della cantante Marietta Alboni, che il grande Walt Whitman ebbe modo di ascoltare la prima volta il 23 giugno 1852.

    Notizie su M.A. e su W.W. sono anche nel sito web :www.coroalboni.it

  18. Ricordando Marietta Alboni abbiamo istituito un premio biennale nella citta’ di Cesena (Italy) , anche occasione per ricordare il vostro grande Walt Whitman.

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